Spartan Kids Foundation (SKF), the charitable endeavor of Spartan Race, seeks to make healthy the new normal for the next generation and to offer extraordinary experiences to underserved youth. SKF’s School / Organization Fitness grant making program looks to empower local schools / organizations to promote healthy and active lifestyles among their students.


Grants of $500 each will be awarded to promote healthy active lifestyles.

Any school / organization that applies for the grant will be provided information they can distribute to their children so that they may register for free for the local Spartan Kids Race being held in the area. Kids who participate in the race will be responsible for the actual cost of the insurance waiver for their participation (approximately $14). Please note races may be cancelled if safety concerns persist. The Foundation will provide the most up to date information on race dates.


Public district, charter schools in the area, elementary, middle schools, and youth organizations are eligible to apply.  In addition, nonprofit PTO’s that are partnered with these schools are also eligible to apply, however each school should submit only one application (either the school, or PTO).


To apply, eligible schools / organizations should submit the following information in one proposal by email to [email protected] before the deadline. Failure to provide all required information may result in your application not being reviewed.

  • Completed Fitness Grant Application
  • For PTO’s, a statement of support from their partner school for their proposed effort.


Applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria: thoroughness of information provided; needs of school / organization; innovative nature of proposed activities and their potential to address the targeted need; and level of proposed impact.

As part of its selection process, SKF may request additional information from applicants.