New Spartan Kids Foundation Food Grants

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A Nutrition Program for Kids in underserved communities to help feed hungry kids during the national emergency due to the Coronavirus.

Through targeted financial support, the SKF Food Grants Program works with youth
organizations and schools to better feed hungry kids during the national emergency due
to the Coronavirus.

A few examples:

  • We are providing funding for healthy snacks and lunches for children in the YMCA’s
    Child Care program, to support Essential Workers with priority to medical personnel.
  • Working with a local school district, helping to make dinner boxes available for the
    kids and families that are affected by the coronavirus.
  • We are also supporting the Y’s new Critical Care Centers for First Responders to use as
    child care. Most of the kids will receive two-three meals daily while their parents are at
    work on the front lines of the virus crisis.

Below is a note from grant recipient, Nicholas J. Lee, Director, Physical Education K-12, Brockton Public Schools, Brockton, Massachusetts:

Thank you, Spartan Kids Foundation for your 1K donation to our Brockton schools. I can assure you that I will be able to provide food to some of our neediest families using the monies provided. Over the past 3-4 years I have had the pleasure to work with members of the Spartan community. We have worked together in a variety of ways in and out of schools. Over this time, Spartan has provided opportunities to many kids who would have missed out had Spartan not provided entrance, funds, transportation etc. Brockton is a school district of 18,000 students and we provide 100% free breakfast and lunch to our students. Our kids are tough and are forced to sometimes grow up a lot faster than we would like. I have worked in Brockton for 18 years and I know that there are many students that rely on the meals that we provide because they know it will be the last meal they have for the day. Stay safe and we appreciate everything you have done for us.

Below is a note from a grant recipient, Beth Darmstadter, Chief Philanthropy Officer,
YMCA of Greater Cleveland:

We are so grateful for the generosity of the Spartan Kids Foundation and all of the
athletes who give generously as part of their endurance sports events.  Because of your
generosity, we are able to provide healthy meals to the children of first responders who
MUST go to work regardless of personal risk to save lives during the Coronavirus
pandemic.  These families have had their lives turned upside down……not unlike all of
us…but their caregivers and/or parents have no choice but to place their children in the
care of our emergency child care centers.  We have scrambled to shift our care and
staffing model to provide these services while simultaneously facing dramatic decreases
in revenue due to the temporary closure of our fitness facilities.  Having generous
donors such as the Spartan Kids Foundation step in and help with the costs of food for
these children is heartwarming and greatly appreciated. We hope that Spartan races will
return soon and we look forward to partnering with you and your athletes in the future.

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